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Frequently Asked Questions - Hunting


How do I obtain a Montana hunting license?
Montana hunting licenses may be purchased online at .  They go on sale on March 15 and will be sold by lottery if there are more applications than available licenses.   You just need general season tags for our area.

What does a hunters day consist of?
You start with a hot and delicious breakfast well before dawn, then out to the barn to get on your horses and ride into the area that you will be hunting.  The day will bring a variety of hunting techniques; watching a meadow or river crossing, scouting for sign, bugling, cow talking, watching, listening...take a break to dig into the hearty sack lunch, then mor hunting through the afternoon, riding back in the evening to the lodge for a great dinner, hot shower and a comfy bed.

What kind of weather is expected in hunting season?
In this mountainous country, weather can range from pleasantly warm to snowy blizzards.  It is usually temperate weather but be prepared with a warm, weatherproof coat, hat, waterproof gloves, long underwear, waterproof boots, thick socks, etc.

What is included in my hunt?
We provide lodging, all meals, a horse, and a guide per two hunters.  You will be given a set of saddle bags for the week in which you can carry with you essentials (like your lunch and bottled water!), also, a rifle scabbard is provided for carrying your rifle by horseback.  Your guide will help to field dress and retrieve your harvested game animals.

What other costs should I be prepared for?
You are responsible for obtaining valid hunting licenses, your transportation to and from Skyline, the processing of the meat of any game animals that you harvest and any taxidermy work you want to have done.  It is also customary to tip your guide.

How much do I tip my guide?
That is entirely up to your discretion, there is no set amount.  An average may be between $50-$100. per day.

What is your success ratio?
Skyline has a good success ratio for hunters who come to hunt.  This is not a private ranch harvest, you need to be in good physical condition, able to walk at least a mile at high elevation and ride a horse for at least two hours at a time.  You need to have a rifle with which you are familiar and at least a 30-06 or better.  Many factors combine for success and the numbers change from year to year but the opportunity is here and we are committed to helping you make the most of that opportunity.

Which hunting district do you hunt?
We hunt area 316 which is an either sex area.  It opens for the "Early Bugling Rifle Season" on September 15.  We hunt the Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness by permit of the Gallatin National Forest.
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