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  • What to Pack for the
    "Big Hunting Trip"

    How to Book a Hunt

    List of Items to Pack
    ( A military duffel bag is easiest, along with a carry-on bag.)

    The list below does not contain everything you should bring but is a reminder for the most important items. Pack to your own comfort and needs. If you have any questions about additional items please give us a call and we'll be more than happy to help. Good luck preparing for a wonderful experience hunting with Skyline Guest Ranch and Guide Service.


    1. Licenses
    2. Rifle and ammunition. For airlines- guns must be packed in hard cases with bolt removed and shells need to be packed separately so they can't move.
    3. Blaze Orange- At least 400 square inches are required. Fabric vests work well
    4. Knife- sheath for skinning and a pocket knife
    5. Gun Oil and Cleaning Kit- a small one to carry in case dirt or snow gets into the barrel
    6. Elk Calls- if you care to use your own. The guides will also have elk calls

    (Temperatures can range from 0 - 80 degrees so prepare for both)

    1. Coats- one heavy and one light jacket
    2. Rain/Snow Gear- waterproof and can be taken on and off easily
    3. Long Underwear- and regular too :-)
    4. Socks- wool and cotton
    5. Hats- at least one with a bill for the sun
    6. Boots- two pair, at least one waterproof
    7. Shirts- both long and short
    8. Pants- jeans or camo
    9. Gloves- one for warmth and one for riding
    10. Sunglasses- if you wear glasses, bring an extra pair


    1. Plane Tickets
    2. Camera
    3. Compass
    4. Binoculars
    5. Insect Repellent
    6. Flashlight
    7. Lip Balm
    8. Matches or Lighter
    9. Toiletries
    10. Fanny Pack
    11. Fishing Gear- if you want to fit some fishing in
    12. Medicine
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